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Van life has taken the world by storm in recent years, as more and more people are choosing to trade their traditional homes for life on the open road.


This alternative lifestyle is characterized by the freedom to travel, simplicity, and a strong connection to nature.

YouTube has become a major platform for individuals living the van life to share their experiences, offering a glimpse into their unique journeys and inspiring others to leap.

In this article, we will explore the top 20 most popular van life YouTubers who have made a significant impact within the community.

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The 20 Most Popular Van Life YouTubers

These content creators not only provide a wealth of knowledge and tips for those interested in the lifestyle, but they also create engaging and entertaining content that keeps their audiences coming back for more.

Our selection of the top 20 Van Life YouTubers is based on factors such as subscriber count, content quality, audience engagement, and the overall influence they have within the Van Life community.

So, buckle up and join us as we take a virtual road trip through the world of van life on YouTube.


1. Eamon & Bec

Eamon & Bec, a Canadian couple with 1.27 million subscribers, have captured the hearts of van life enthusiasts with their engaging content and positive energy.

Their channel documents their adventures as they travel in their converted Sprinter van, sharing the highs and lows of life on the road.

Viewers appreciate the duo’s honesty, practical advice, and commitment to sustainable living.

Eamon & Bec’s videos cover a wide range of topics, from van build tips and travel vlogs to cooking in a tiny kitchen and exploring new cultures. Their authenticity and relatability make them a favorite in the van life community.

2. Living the van life

Living The Van Life is a prominent YouTube channel with an impressive 720K subscribers. This channel provides a wealth of practical information about van conversions, off-grid living, and product reviews that are invaluable to the van life community.

The content also includes captivating travel adventures, offering viewers a taste of the freedom and exploration that van life provides.

Living The Van Life’s comprehensive approach to covering all aspects of this alternative lifestyle, paired with its high-quality content, makes this channel a must-visit destination for both newcomers and veterans of the Van Life movement.


3. Kombi Life

Kombi Life, an enthralling YouTube channel with 534K subscribers, follows the remarkable adventures of Ben, Leah, and their dog Alaska as they journey around the world in their classic VW Kombi van.

What sets this channel apart is their commitment to long-term international travel and the immersive cultural experiences they share along the way.

Kombi Life delves into the logistics of border crossings, vehicle maintenance, and overcoming challenges on the road.

The channel’s captivating storytelling, combined with its stunning visuals and the family’s infectious enthusiasm, has made Kombi Life a beloved destination for van life aficionados and wanderlust seekers alike.

4. Max & Lee

With 498K subscribers, Max & Lee + Occy is a YouTube channel that has captured the attention of van life enthusiasts with its refreshing content and charming hosts.

This Australian couple, along with their adorable dog Occy, share their experiences living and traveling in a converted van.

Their storytelling style is unique, as they explore diverse topics such as mental health, fostering a strong relationship while on the road, and adapting to various challenges.


As viewers follow the adventures of Max, Lee, and Occy, they are not only treated to stunning visuals but also valuable life lessons and inspiration for embracing the van life culture.

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5. Trent & Allie

Trent & Allie, an adventurous American couple with 475K subscribers, has garnered a loyal fan base for their engaging and informative van life content.


As they document their travels in their self-built van, the duo shares insightful tips on van conversions, off-grid living, and making the most of life on the road.

Their videos also showcase breathtaking destinations and heartwarming interactions with locals, giving viewers a true sense of the couple’s experiences.

Trent & Allie’s authenticity, coupled with their passion for adventure and sustainability, makes their channel a must-watch for those interested in the van life movement.

6. Sunny Lunna Living

Sunny Lunna Living, with a fanbase of 489K subscribers, is a vibrant YouTube channel that chronicles the travels and experiences of Sunny and Luna, a couple embracing the freedom of van life.

Their content captivates viewers with a mix of stunning travel visuals, van life hacks, and insights into their day-to-day lives on the road.

Sunny and Luna’s refreshing content style, playful energy, and commitment to sharing real, unfiltered experiences have earned them a dedicated following.

Their channel is a beacon of inspiration for those looking to infuse more adventure, authenticity, and joy into their lives.


7. Jinti Fell

Jinti Fell’s YouTube channel, with a following of 456K subscribers, beautifully intertwines van life with themes of mindfulness, vegan living, and family.

Alongside her partner and daughter, Jinti presents their nomadic lifestyle in a way that is both inspiring and relatable.

Their journey in a van is depicted through a series of heartwarming vlogs, wellness discussions, and travel adventures.

Jinti Fell’s content stands out for its focus on minimalistic living, mindful parenting, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Her channel serves as a testament to the diverse ways in which van life can be embraced and celebrated.

8. Nate Murphy

Nate Murphy’s YouTube channel, with an impressive following of 404K subscribers, has carved a unique niche in the van life community.

Nate, a skilled craftsman, shares in-depth tutorials on van conversions, providing valuable guidance for those looking to create their own custom living spaces.

His content includes detailed walkthroughs of various van builds, showcasing innovative designs and clever solutions to common challenges.


Beyond van conversions, Nate also shares his travel adventures and climbing escapades.

His expertise, coupled with his passion for the outdoors and adventure, makes Nate Murphy’s channel a valuable resource and a source of inspiration for aspiring van lifers.

9. The Indie Projects

The Indie Projects, boasting a subscriber base of 351K, is a unique and engaging van life channel that offers more than just glimpses into the lives of its creators.

This channel not only documents the nomadic lifestyle of its creators but also features interviews and stories of other individuals embracing alternative ways of living.

With an emphasis on high-quality cinematography, The Indie Projects stands out for its visual storytelling, shining a light on the diverse world of van life, tiny homes, and off-grid living.

The channel’s innovative approach and ability to capture the essence of the movement make it a refreshing addition to the van life community on YouTube.

10. The Nomadic Movement

The Nomadic Movement, a popular YouTube channel boasting 388K subscribers, is the captivating tale of Jordan and Kaylee, a couple dedicated to a nomadic and sustainable lifestyle.


Their journey is marked by their mission to build a self-sufficient homestead in Panama, while still relishing in their love for travel.

This channel offers viewers an intimate look at the couple’s progress, their travel adventures, and practical tips for sustainable living.

The Nomadic Movement is not just about Van Life, but it encapsulates the spirit of adventure, sustainability, and the pursuit of unconventional dreams, making it a standout in the Van Life YouTube community.

11. Hobo Ahle

Hobo Ahle, a distinctive van life channel with 352K subscribers, chronicles the solo travels of its creator, Ahle, as she navigates the challenges and joys of living in her self-converted van.

Ahle’s channel stands out for her candid and down-to-earth approach, sharing not only her captivating adventures but also the realities of solo female van life.

Her content covers a diverse range of topics, including DIY projects, budgeting tips, and maintaining personal safety on the road.

Hobo Ahle has become a source of inspiration and empowerment for many, especially those who are considering embarking on a solo van life journey.

12. Ame in a Van

Ame in a Van, a YouTube channel with a robust following of 337K subscribers, is the story of Ame, a solo van lifer who shares her journey of exploring the world in her self-built van.

Ame’s content strikes a balance between her travel escapades, life updates, and detailed guides on van conversions.

Her channel is known for its relatable content, openness about the realities of van life, and her passion for creative DIY projects.

Ame in a Van not only offers viewers an engaging look into Ame’s journey, but it also serves as a valuable resource for those looking to embark on their van life adventure.

13. New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

New Jersey Outdoor Adventures, boasting a subscriber count of 311K, is a YouTube channel that presents a unique blend of outdoor exploration and van life culture.

The channel features a variety of RV tours, showcasing different models and unique builds, offering viewers ample inspiration for their projects.

Additionally, it delves into the beauty of New Jersey’s outdoor spaces, demonstrating how van life and nature go hand in hand.


This channel’s mix of in-depth vehicle tours, outdoor adventures, and practical advice makes New Jersey Outdoor Adventures a must-watch for both seasoned and aspiring van lifers.

14. Vancity Vanlife

Vancity Vanlife, an engaging YouTube channel with 272K subscribers, features the life and travels of Chrome, a charismatic Canadian living in his custom-built van.

Chrome’s honest and open approach to sharing his experiences resonates with viewers, as he delves into the practical aspects of van life and tackles challenges head-on.

His content offers valuable insights on vehicle maintenance, organization hacks, and finding the best spots to park overnight.

Vancity Vanlife not only provides entertainment through Chrome’s captivating personality but also serves as a valuable resource for those interested in pursuing the van life dream.

15. We’re the Russos

We’re the Russos, a YouTube channel with 229K subscribers, is the captivating story of Joe and Kait Russo, a couple who left behind their conventional lives to embrace the freedom of van life.

Their content offers a comprehensive look at life on the road, as they discuss topics like finding the perfect vehicle, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and managing finances while traveling.


Viewers are drawn to the couple’s approachable demeanor and their willingness to share the nitty-gritty details of their lifestyle.

The We’re the Russos channel not only entertains with its intriguing stories but also empowers others to chase their van life dreams.

16. Susi Cruz

Susi Cruz, with a growing subscriber count of 216K, is a solo female van lifer whose YouTube channel offers a blend of adventure and artistry.

Susi’s journey in her self-converted van is beautifully documented through stunning cinematography and heartfelt storytelling. Her content offers a balance of travel vlogs, van life tips, and personal reflections.

As a solo traveler, Susi brings a unique perspective to the van life community, sharing her experiences and insights on solo female travel, safety, and personal growth. Her channel is a source of inspiration for those considering a solo van life adventure.

17. Court and Nate

Court and Nate, with a community of 141K subscribers on YouTube, are a dynamic duo whose love for van life is palpable in each of their videos.

Their channel offers viewers a front-row seat to their life on the road, including their travel adventures, van maintenance, and everyday routines.


The couple’s transparent sharing of their experiences, both the rewarding and the challenging, makes their content relatable and authentic.

Court and Nate’s channel is not just about the dreamy aspects of van life, but also about the resilience, adaptability, and joy that this lifestyle brings, making it a favorite among van life enthusiasts.

18. Minimal Millennials

Minimal Millennials is a YouTube channel with 128K subscribers that features Christian and Aubry, a young couple passionate about embracing a minimalistic lifestyle on the road.

Their content showcases the perks of van life through their travel adventures, but also provides a realistic view of the challenges encountered.

The pair’s content extends beyond travel, discussing important topics such as budgeting, sustainability, and reducing waste.

Their youthful energy, combined with their commitment to minimalism, makes Minimal Millennials an exciting and informative channel for anyone interested in a more sustainable and adventurous way of living.

19. Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor’s YouTube channel, with a subscriber base of 108K, offers an authentic view into her solo van life journey. Maddie’s content is a mix of travel diaries, van life tips, and heart-to-heart discussions about the realities of living on the road alone.


She openly shares her experiences with managing loneliness, maintaining safety, and making the most out of every situation.

Maddie’s down-to-earth personality and her genuine storytelling style have struck a chord with her audience, making her a beloved figure in the van life community.

Her channel serves as an inspiration to those considering embarking on their own solo van life adventure.

20. Vanlife Sagas

Vanlife Sagas, with 58.1K subscribers, is a captivating channel that showcases the journey of a Finnish couple embracing the van life movement.

As they traverse through stunning landscapes in their self-converted van, the couple offers viewers a mix of travel inspiration, practical tips, and a glimpse into their daily lives.

Their content features picturesque destinations, clever DIY projects, and insightful discussions on living minimally and sustainably.

Vanlife Sagas has gained a loyal following for its genuine approach, beautiful cinematography, and the unique perspective it brings to the ever-growing van life community.


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Who is YouTuber Vanlife?

“Vanlife” isn’t the name of a specific YouTuber but refers to a genre of YouTube channels dedicated to showcasing the lifestyle of individuals or groups living in their converted vans or motorhomes. There are numerous YouTubers like Eamon & Bec, Trent & Allie, and The Nomadic Movement, among others, who fall under this category.


When did Van Life become popular?

The “van life” movement gained significant popularity in the mid-2010s, largely driven by social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. People started documenting their nomadic lifestyles, showcasing the freedom and adventures they experienced while living on the road. The trend continues to grow as more people seek alternative living situations and the appeal of minimalistic, mobile lifestyles rises.

Is van life stressful?

Like any lifestyle, van life has its share of stresses. Challenges can include finding suitable and legal parking spots for the night, dealing with vehicle breakdowns, maintaining a consistent income, and managing limited space. However, many van lifers believe that the freedom, flexibility, and adventures that come with this lifestyle outweigh these challenges.

Who is the CEO of Vanlife?

“Vanlife” isn’t a company but a lifestyle movement, so it doesn’t have a CEO. Many individuals and groups contribute to the van life community through their personal experiences, tips, and stories shared on various platforms.

Is the van life worth it?

Whether van life is “worth it” or not depends largely on personal preferences and lifestyle choices. For many, the freedom to travel, the minimalistic lifestyle, and the opportunity to connect with nature make it a rewarding experience. However, it also involves challenges such as lack of space, maintenance responsibilities, and occasional isolation. It’s important to research and consider these factors before deciding if van life is right for you.

Does VanLife get lonely?

Van life can occasionally be lonely, especially for solo travelers. However, the van life community is known for its strong sense of camaraderie, and many van lifers form connections with others on the road. Additionally, modern technology allows for maintaining relationships with friends and family, mitigating feelings of loneliness.


YouTube is a treasure trove of content for van life enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the diverse experiences of individuals and couples who have chosen to embrace this unique lifestyle.


These channels, ranging from solo travelers to adventurous couples, provide valuable insights, practical advice, and endless inspiration for anyone interested in van life.

Whether you’re planning your van conversion, preparing for a life on the road, or simply curious about what van life entails, these YouTubers offer a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Their stories are a testament to the van life community’s spirit of adventure, resilience, and freedom.

Top 20 Most Popular Van Life YouTubers To Follow In 2024 » Vlogger Zone (2024)


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