Best Van Life YouTube Channels ⋆ Expert World Travel (2024)

Although outdoor enthusiasts have long been drawn to the van lifestyle, the growth of social media has led to a surge in people ditching the comfort of their homes to embark on four-wheeled adventures, many inspired by the idyllic #vanlife scenes they’ve spotted while scrolling on their phones… but it’s not all picture-perfect moments, van life can be hard work too.

If you’re new to the Van Life, or trying to decide if it’s the right thing for you, then what better way to get inspired up to pick up some top tips than by watching those who’ve done it all before.

Here, we’ve brought you a mixture of the best van life channel on YouTube – whether you need some DIY tips, travel inspiration, or even advice on how to put up with your other half for months on end, there’s a channel out there with your name on it!

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Kombi Life

Who? Ben and Leah

What? A converted Vintage Kombi

Best for: Showcasing the lows as well as the highs of van life

Subscribers: 547k


Ben and Leah’s YouTube series tells the story of a pair of amateurs converting a vintage Kombi into an off-grid home and mobile studio fully equipped for full-time living and traveling.

While fulfilling their lifelong dream of traveling the globe on four wheels, the couple offers a refreshingly genuine perspective on vanlife. They’re the first ones to admit they don’t know everything there is to know about vanlife, and you can learn with them as they share their experiences with you – ranging from everything to van shopping, converting, and traveling.

As well as putting up inspiring travel episodes, including one on their trip along the Pan-American Highway, they also show episodes of things gone wrong, including videos on van life fails, engine blow-ups, and the woes of van building. On top of that, they cover social issues too, like is it really safe to pick up hitchhikers, and economical ones, like how much van life really costs.

With tonnes of overly confident vanners out there, it’s not surprising that this straight-up, humble couple has picked up thousands of subscribers in just a few years on the road.

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Alexandria Tejas

Who? Solo traveler, Alexandria Tejas

What? Various vehicles (currently a Honda Civic)

Best for: Girl power! Plus tips on US national parks and a healthy lifestyle

Subscribers: 355k


Long-term vanner, Alexandria Tejas, is living proof that you don’t have to be in a couple (or male) to experience the thrills of vanlife. This young female traveler gets her hands behind the wheels of various vehicles as she explores the many national parks that the US has to offer.

As well as showcasing some great outdoor spots, she gives great advice for any females thinking about heading out on their own solo mission, ranging from videos on safety tips, to one on how to make a van shower (because van life doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal hygiene!), and even how to deal with that time of the month

She also gets up to all sorts of activities on the road, such as swimming and yoga, and she has tonnes of videos that will be of interest to any rock climbers out there. Her videos aren’t overly glamorized and she’s always up for a cheeky Q&A session so you can find out exactly what she’s thinking – what you see is what you get!

Best Van Life YouTube Channels ⋆ Expert World Travel (2)

Tiny Home Tours

Who? Different guests star in each video

What? Tiny homes (vans…. and boats, cabins, buses, garages – you name it!)

Best for: Space-saving tips, interior design, creatives

Subscribers: 654k


This channel is the most popular on our list, with over 650 thousand subscribers, and it provides excellent tips for anyone living in a small space. While this means it’s not exclusively focused on van life, whether you’re living in a van, sailboat, or a garage, the same space-saving principles apply.

What’s more, the videos that are vehicle-focused cover an extremely broad range of topics – including school bus conversions, camper van, truck, and RV renovations, and even an ambulance build – that is bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Many of the videos show some of the most impressive interiors we’ve come across, and if you’re in need of some inspiration for jazzing up the inside of your van, then this is definitely the channel to inspire you.

Vanlife Sagas

Who? French Canadian couple, Dom and Marie

What? A converted Promaster 136” (more commonly known as ‘Vanessa’)

When? Weekly Sunday videos

Best for: Tips for how to work remotely and earn while living life on the road

Subscribers: 37.8k


Sadly, we aren’t all fortunate to leave work behind us when we head out on a four-wheeled adventure.

Fortunately, this channel, brought to you by a French Canadian couple, Dom and Maire, provides excellent tips on not only living in a van… but actually working from one too – if you’ll be working during your life on the road, then you might want to check out their episodes on going freelance, WiFi hacks and internet, and making money while traveling.

As the couple states ‘living in a van doesn’t mean hippie and cheap’ so, if you’ve been put off van life by the thought of living in filth, then you really should check out this channel that’s aimed at young professionals – there’s a new video out every Sunday, so make sure you have your popcorn at the ready.

Van Wives

Who? Canadian couple Jazmyn and Crystal (and their dogs Bella and Izzy)

What? Self- converted Sprinter Van

Best for: How to live alongside two (large) dogs, DIY, and finding hidden travel spots

Subscribers: 96.1k


Van Wives tells the story of the Canadian couple (or should we say, vanwives) who have packed up their bags and set off to travel the world, along with their awesome Australian Sheperd dogs. If you have a dog yourself, then you’ll probably find it super interesting to see how the couple copes with living alongside two large dogs in such a limited space.

They also seem to have a knack for finding awesome hidden spots (secret beaches, lakes… you name it) and have tips for going really off the grid, such as how to live off the land, off-grid renovations, and backcountry camping. They’re also keen to take part in Q&A session, during which they don’t hold back and will talk openly about various issues, including their life as an LGBTQ couple.

Jarrod Tocci

Who? Jarrod Tocci

What? Various vehicles are featured

Best for: Lighthearted DIY, electrical, and mechanical tips

Subscribers: 111k


If you like a bit of humor in your van life viewing, then you should definitely check out the van life YouTube channel by comedian Jarrod Tocci. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t take his too show too seriously – but that doesn’t mean you won’t pick up some awesome tips on all-things camper van.

It’s a particularly good one to watch for anyone keen to learn more about the inner workings of their van – he really delves into the mechanical and electrical side of things (which are often glossed over by the more aesthetically-focused Instagram-catered channels).

If you’re looking for a show that will fill you in on the technical aspects of van life without getting too heavy, then this should be right up your street.

Best Van Life YouTube Channels ⋆ Expert World Travel (3)

Eamon and Bec

Who? Canadian couple Eamon and Bec

What? Self-converted Sprinter Van

Best for: Vegan recipes/lifestyle, traveling

Subscribers: 794k


This YouTube channel has a whopping 794 thousand subscribers, and with the adorable Canadian van life couple Eamon and Bec hosting the show, it’s easy to see why.

The couple has worked their way through an impressive list of countries in their self-converted Sprinter, including Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Iceland, and waaaay more, so you can pick up handy tips for traveling in all kinds of climates.

Our favorite thing about this channel, however, is the food… enthusiastic cooks and vegans, the couple whip up some incredible meals on their travels (it’s no wonder they always look so good). What’s more, they’ve made a whole bunch of videos detailing their recipes so you can try them out yourself.

Our favorites include their cream cheese (yes… it is possible to make vegan cream cheese!), ‘chicken’ ceasar wrap, and vegan pancake recipes.

Aside from the food, they also give tips covering a range of other topics, from how to take Instagram photos, to where to park your camper van safely, to how to survive living as a van life couple (we imagine it gets pretty intense at times!). Overall, this is a lighthearted, friendly channel with some fantastic ideas for how to live (and eat) on four wheels.


Who? Different guests star in each video

What? Various vans feature in each video

Best for: Road-trip planning inspiration, fitness

Subscribers: 1.56k


Go-Van is an awesome channel that’s bound to get you inspired for your next road trip. Highlights include episodes on the Falvour Trail in Charlevoix, the most scenic drives in Quebec, and road trips around California, New Hampshire, and Manitoba. Plus, for anyone that likes to keep u their fitness while they’re on the road, check out the episodes on surfing in Baja and vanlife workouts.

It doesn’t stop there though, they regularly feature vanners with from all paths of life, ranging from couples working full time in their van to father and son duos, and they even have episodes on van gatherings.

With such a broad range of content, we’re surprised this channel has picked up more followers – but surely it’s only a matter of time.

Best Van Life YouTube Channels ⋆ Expert World Travel (4)

Best Van Life YouTube Channels ⋆ Expert World Travel (2024)


Where are Nick and Sarah the expawers from? ›

We're Nick and Sarah, a couple originally from the UK who relocated to Southern Andalucia, Spain over 15 years ago.

Why are people quitting Vanlife? ›

Decision Fatigue Takes Its Toll:

Living on the road requires constant decision-making – where to park for the night, when to move on, and how to manage limited resources efficiently. The romanticized idea of spontaneous adventure can give way to the exhaustion of perpetual decision fatigue.

How much money do I need to make to live in a van? ›

Others come up depending on how much gas is at a given time or where you go to eat. Current van lifers tend to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 on their monthly expenses, including insurance, camping and recreational fees and miscellaneous expenses, according to RV Blogger.

What do vanlifers do for money? ›

Some of the best ways to make money on the road include crafting and selling goods, completing seasonal farm or festival work, transiting your current job into a remote role, teaching English online, affiliate marketing, social media, and working as a freelancer on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Remote Rocketship.

Where do the exPAWers live in Spain? ›

We are Nick and Sarah a British couple based in Andalucia, Southern Spain and with our 2 little dogs Dizzee and Charlie we are the exPAWers!

Who is the best truck vlogger? ›

Rajesh Rawani offers a glimpse into the life of a truck driver in India through his vlogs.


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