Is Ferrari Red Color Trademark? Yes! (2024)

Yes, Ferrari has indeed succeeded in trademarking its signature red color, specifically known as ‘Rosso Corsa.’

This trademark primarily applies to vehicles in Class 12 (vehicles and conveyances) and is a testament to the brand’s association with the color red in the automotive industry.

The color red, and more precisely ‘Rosso Corsa,’ has been closely associated with Ferrari cars for decades.

The company has taken legal steps to ensure that this shade of red is recognized as a distinctive feature of the Ferrari brand.

For example:

Trademark Registration: Ferrari has registered the specific shade of red.

Class 12 Protection: The trademark is protected for vehicles and conveyances.

Brand Association: The color red is strongly linked to Ferrari’s brand identity.

Securing the trademark for ‘Rosso Corsa’ has solidified Ferrari’s brand image, ensuring that this iconic shade of red remains an exclusive emblem of its automotive legacy.

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Key Takeaway

Ferrari has successfully trademarked its signature red color, known as ‘Rosso Corsa’, primarily for vehicles in Class 12.

The red color associated with Ferrari has historical significance, symbolizing the brand’s racing heritage and reflecting its racing triumphs and legacy of automotive engineering excellence.

Color trademarks must be inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning through extensive use in commerce, and trademarking a color presents challenges in distinctiveness and consumer recognition.

Ferrari prioritizes safeguarding the distinctiveness of their red color through legal measures, including obtaining trademark protection, taking legal action against infringers, and entering into licensing agreements.

The History of Ferrari Red

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The iconic red color associated with Ferrari has been imbued with historical significance, symbolizing the brand’s rich racing heritage and passion for performance.

Since the brand’s inception, the color red has been synonymous with Ferrari’s racing cars, tracing back to the 1920s when the cars were primarily adorned in red to represent Italy in international racing events.

However, it wasn’t until the late 1960s that the specific shade of red, known as ‘Rosso Corsa,’ became standardized as the official color for all Ferrari race cars.

This decision was made to ensure that the cars were easily recognizable and to create a strong visual identity for the brand on the racing circuit.

The rich history of Ferrari red not only reflects the brand’s racing triumphs but also embodies a legacy of innovation and excellence in automotive engineering.

The Importance of Color in Branding

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Ferrari’s use of color in branding underscores the significance of visual identity in creating a strong brand image.

Color plays a pivotal role in brand recognition and perception. It has the power to evoke emotions, convey messages, and differentiate a brand from its competitors.

In the case of Ferrari, the iconic red color symbolizes passion, speed, and excellence, aligning perfectly with the brand’s values and heritage.

The consistent use of this specific shade of red has become synonymous with Ferrari, contributing to the brand’s instant recognition worldwide.

This demonstrates the crucial role of color in creating a lasting impression and fostering brand loyalty.

As brands continue to innovate and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, the strategic use of color in branding remains a powerful tool for capturing consumer attention and building a strong brand identity.

Legal Considerations for Color Trademarks

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When considering color trademarks, the distinctiveness of the color and its ability to create a secondary meaning for consumers are crucial legal considerations.

The trademark must be inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning through extensive use in commerce to qualify for protection.

This requirement ensures that the color serves as an identifier of the source of the goods or services, rather than merely serving a functional or aesthetic purpose.

Distinctiveness of Color Trademarks

Color trademarks must demonstrate distinctiveness and consumer recognition to be legally protected, raising important considerations for their legal status.

When evaluating the distinctiveness of a color trademark, the following factors are crucial:

  • Inherent Distinctiveness: Is the color inherently distinctive or is it commonly used in the industry?
  • Secondary Meaning: Has the color acquired a secondary meaning in the minds of consumers, associating it with a specific brand or source?
  • Marketplace Recognition: Is there evidence of consumer recognition and association of the color with a specific brand or product?
  • Non-Traditional Use: How is the color used in the specific industry? Does it serve a functional purpose, or is it purely for branding and recognition?

These considerations play a vital role in determining the legal protection and enforceability of color trademarks, especially in industries where color plays a significant role in brand recognition and consumer perception.

Secondary Meaning Requirement

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Evaluating the secondary meaning of a color is essential in determining its legal protection as a trademark.

Secondary meaning refers to the mental association that the public has between the color and the source of the product.

In the context of color trademarks, it is crucial to demonstrate that the color has acquired secondary meaning in the minds of consumers, signifying a specific brand or source.

This requirement ensures that the color has transcended its primary function as a decorative or functional element and has come to be uniquely associated with a particular brand or product.

The following table illustrates examples of colors that have achieved secondary meaning and those that have not:

Colors with Secondary MeaningColors without Secondary Meaning
Tiffany BlueYellow
UPS BrownOrange
T-Mobile MagentaGreen
Home Depot OrangeBlue

Challenges in Trademarking a Color

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Trademarking a color presents unique challenges due to the need for distinctiveness and consumer recognition.

When attempting to trademark a color, several hurdles must be overcome, including:

  • Distinctiveness: Proving that the color is inherently distinctive or has acquired secondary meaning.
  • Consumer Recognition: Demonstrating that consumers associate the color with a specific brand or source.
  • Competitive Landscape: Navigating potential conflicts with existing color trademarks in the same industry.
  • Non-Traditional Aspect: Overcoming the inherent resistance to accepting colors as trademarks due to their non-traditional nature.

These challenges require a strategic approach and compelling evidence to persuade trademark authorities of the color’s eligibility for trademark protection.

As the intersection of law and branding continues to evolve, addressing these challenges is crucial for companies seeking to protect their unique color identities.

Ferrari’s Efforts to Protect Their Red

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Ferrari consistently prioritizes safeguarding the distinctiveness of their iconic red color through strategic legal measures.

The company actively defends its red hue by obtaining trademark protection in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Ferrari has taken legal action against other companies for using similar shades of red that could cause confusion with their brand.

They have also entered into licensing agreements to control the use of their signature color in different product categories.

Additionally, Ferrari has invested in building a strong brand image and association with the color red through extensive marketing and product placement.

By employing a multi-faceted approach encompassing legal, commercial, and promotional strategies, Ferrari aims to maintain the exclusivity and recognition of their red color, reinforcing its association with the brand’s innovation and excellence.

Impact of Ferrari Red on the Industry

The iconic red color associated with Ferrari has had a significant influence on the automotive industry, shaping market perceptions and influencing consumer preferences.

The distinct shade of red has become synonymous with luxury, performance, and exclusivity, impacting not only Ferrari’s brand image but also the broader industry landscape.

This influence has translated into tangible sales figures, as the allure of Ferrari red continues to captivate enthusiasts and consumers alike.

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Iconic Color Influence

One of the most influential colors in the automotive industry is undoubtedly Ferrari Red, known for its iconic impact on the design and perception of high-performance vehicles.

The influence of Ferrari Red extends beyond the brand itself, shaping the industry in the following ways:

  • Brand Identity: Ferrari Red has become synonymous with speed, luxury, and performance, influencing other manufacturers to develop their own signature colors to evoke similar emotions.
  • Consumer Perception: The color has shaped consumer expectations, influencing the market to associate vibrant red hues with power, speed, and prestige.
  • Design Trends: The use of Ferrari Red has inspired design trends across the automotive industry, with other manufacturers incorporating bold, vibrant colors into their high-performance vehicle offerings.
  • Market Demand: The popularity of Ferrari Red has created a market demand for high-performance vehicles in striking, attention-grabbing colors, driving innovation in automotive paint technology.

Market Perception and Sales

With significant influence on consumer preferences and design trends, the iconic Ferrari Red color has had a profound impact on market perception and sales within the automotive industry.

This distinctive color has become synonymous with luxury, performance, and exclusivity, creating a powerful association with the Ferrari brand.

The market perception of Ferrari Red as a symbol of speed, passion, and Italian heritage has significantly influenced consumer behavior, often leading to an increase in sales for vehicles available in this iconic color.

Furthermore, the desirability and recognition of Ferrari Red have also influenced other automotive manufacturers, leading to the incorporation of similar shades in their product lines to evoke similar emotions and associations.

As a result, Ferrari Red has not only shaped consumer preferences but also driven innovation and differentiation within the industry.

The Debate Over Ferrari Red’s Trademark Status

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Amidst the ongoing discussions in the legal and intellectual property community, the status of Ferrari Red as a trademark is a topic of significant debate.

The following points shed light on the various perspectives:

  1. Historical Precedents: Some argue that Ferrari Red has been consistently associated with the brand, making it eligible for trademark status.
  2. Industry Impact: Others believe that granting trademark status to a color could set a precedent with far-reaching implications for various industries.
  3. Consumer Perception: There is debate over whether consumers exclusively associate Ferrari Red with the brand or if it is a common color in the automotive industry.
  4. Legal Complexity: The legal community is divided on the interpretation of trademark laws in the context of color, adding layers of complexity to the debate.

These factors contribute to the complex and ongoing debate surrounding Ferrari Red’s trademark status.


Despite Ferrari’s efforts to protect their red, legal challenges and industry impact continue to shape the discussion.

The history and importance of color in branding, along with the ongoing legal considerations, highlight the complexities of trademarking a color.

Ultimately, the status of Ferrari red as a trademark color remains a matter of ongoing contention and scrutiny within the industry.

Is Ferrari Red Color Trademark? Yes! (2024)


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