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Syndicated Columnist aren Blakerj PhD Evaluating self image Hx Kan Blaker Ph DEAR DR BLAKER I tend to get embarrassed very easily It has gotten tn the point where I can't esen enter a room if 1 think there is a chance everyone will turn around and look at me It has bet onie almost like an obsession The problem is that by worrying about doing embarrassing things I end up doing them all the tim or example yesterday I was about to get on a bus when I saw through the win dow that there were no seats left While contemplating standing up the entire trip and having everyone look at me I tripped on the last step up into the bus and fell into the driver's lap Help becoming a social cripple DEAR READER Chronic embarrassment occurs as a result of debas ing one's own image in the eyes of others and it can be very difficult to overcome Begin by realizing that no one is perfect and that everyone has been involved in an embarrassing situation at one time or another The look on the face of one of my professors in graduate school when we walked in on him while he was playing with a toy race car always brings a smile to my face He obviously was flushed but he didn't even flinch he just picked up the car put it into his desk and began the lecture If your problem jiersists you may be having trouble with your self image Look at yourself from the outside and take an objective view of yourself as others do You may be supnsed at what you DEAR DR BLAKER I'm an obsessive gambler I'm sure there are those who are just like me Mv best bet is going to the casino with their bright lights ringing bells and quick payoffs The excitement overwhelms even the casual observer My wife left with the kids two years ago because of my gambling debts and now I spend all my time with my friends at the blackjack table I do pretty well most of the time Sometimes I don't but it really doesn't matter It all started back in college when I felt the excitement and anticipation as we sat down to an all night poker game I never understood how my friends could get up and leave the table It didn't really matter if I lost the feeling was there and it still is I guess it always will be DEAR READER Gam bling is addicting and this letter exemplifies the pain and hurt that comes lo all involved 6 Glosgow Ky Daily Timet Thursday January 26 1984 for the record Glasgow Daily Times Thursday ere Police Harold Likens was arrested Wednesday night by olticials ol the Glasgow Police Department and the Barren County Sheriff's Office on charges of emergency detention Likens was lodged in the Barren County Jail Ambulance I 25 bailey Cartinill Irom Homewood lo Comm Hospital Mittie Bailey Irom Homewood to Comm Hospital Laura Lock irom Hiseville lo Comm Hospital Thurman Crain Irom Comm Hospital lo Greenville ora Wood Irom Comm Hospital to Edmonton Alton Hoover from Comm Hospital to Homewood Martha bikes Irom Comm Hospital to Met calfe Co Nursing Home Thurman Crain irom Greenville to Comm Hospital Beul ih Shipley from Barren Co Health Care to Dr McPeak's olliee Charles Spradlin irom Hw IH 8U to Greenview Hospital Beulah Shipley from Dr office to Barren Co Health Care Shirley Powell from Country Club Estates to Comm Hospital Mattie Bailey Irom Comm Hospital to Homewood Wilma Burgess from Hwy 111:) to Comm Hospital Mark Constant Irom Homewood to Comm Hospital Transfers 1 25 Wendell and Betty Brown tract on Hw 90 to Ludolph and Erances Jones Win and Virginia Curd lot on old Glasgow Munfordville Rd to Wm and Karen Curd Tennessee Kentucky Cable TV 2 tracts in Barren Co to Telescripps Cable Co 'pal Goode tract on Matthews Mill Rd to Roller! and Brenda Goode Kenneth and Reliecca Adams tract on Hwy 1 17 lo Bobby and Peggy urlong Ruby and inley Claspell tract tn city ol Glasgow to Charlotte and Myrtle orrest red and Margaret Serra tract in Barren Co to Bercie King BRIDGE Oswald Jacoby and James Jacoby Teammates to the rescue one A 10 ti 1 II Opening lead 43 essential team is to who pick Bv iswild Jacoby and James lai obv board a match team two diamond contract and wrapped it around our necks They got there after I had elected to pass my 1 1 nign caro points "West opened diamond Edgar East bid a spade West two diamonds and East after long thought passed They made two diamonds on the nose and 1 felt we had been fixed "Now let's watch Root and Pavlicek at work in the other room The bidding in the box shows what happened South elected to open my hand with one spade Bill overcalled with two diamonds and North made one of those modern negative doubles to show preparation for the unbid suits South rebid two spades and when it got back to Dick he made an inspired double "The defense was fair only but they did set him one trick They were plus 100 We were minus 90 In this event that 10 point profit was as good as 1000 We won a point If Dick had passed he and Bill would nave had to beat it bv two MIRTH 2 13 84 5 Vulnerable Neither Dealer West dd "The feature of a good have teammates you up In today hand our tri ks to score a win opponents played a quiet newspaper ENTERPRISE assS i 1 1ST I XsT A lii 8 7 ri 2 1'( V171 I I ii 5 1 2 5 Cl 1 7 2 Uri Mnh Ei i oil I' jv fihl Ridhl 2 2 l' tV I'n I Livestock LOUISVILLE Ky (AP) (USDA) Estimated receipts cattle and calves 230 Slaughter cows breaking utility and commercial 3 4 3200 3700 high cutter and boning utility 1 3 33 00 3800 low and average cutter 1 2 3000 3500 eanner and cutter under 800 lbs 2700 30IM) Slaughter bulls: vield grade No 1 1915 in dicating 78 carcass boning percent 48(H) Slaughter calves and vealers: choice heavy veals and slaughter calves 320 550 lbs 5250 70 00 eeders steers med turn frame with 1 2 muscle thickness including bull calves 300 550 lbs 5100 t2 (M) heifers: medium 1 350 500 lbs 4800 5050 medium 2 350 500 lbs 4050 48 00 Hogs 450 Barrow and gilts 175 200 lower US 1 2 225 240 lbs 4900 4930 US 2 225 200 lbs 48 50 4900 US 2 3 220 270 Ills 4750 4850 Sows: 200 lower US 1 3 300 350 lbs 4100 42 (M) 350 400 lbs 4200 4300 400 450 lbs 43 110 4000 450 500 lbs 400(1 4800 500 550 lbs 48(10 49 00 medium 3oo 520 lbs 311 lld 3750 Area deaths Charlie Lee Spradlin Charlie Leo Spradlin 74 of Rt 1 Glasgow died Wednesday at the Greenview Hospital in Bowling Green He is survived by his wile Gertrude two sons Donald and Russell Spradlin ol Rt 1 Glasgow seven grandchildren one great grandchild lour sisters Viola Gosser of Glasgow Lou Emma Hensley of Illinois Callie Jones of Madisonville and Bessie Clark of Louisville three brothers Lewis Spradlin ol Edmonton Levi Spradlin of Rt 2 Cave City and Willis Spradlin of Shepherdsville and several nieces and nephews uneral services will be 2 Saturday at the Hatcher and Saddler uneral Home veil burial in the Glasgow Municipal Uemtery uneral Home it burial in the (ld Zion Cemetery Laura Locke Laura Locke 9ti Rt 1 Cave City died Wed nesday at the TJ Samson Community Hospital She is survived by three sons Arvel Locke and Carl Locke of Rt I Cave City and Joseph Locke of Louisville two daughters Vera Locke and Barbara Locke of Rt I Cave City lour grand children and seven great grandchildren uneral services ill be I riday at the Bob Hunt uneral Home with burial in the Hiseville Cemetery Visitation liegins after 6 pm Thursday William Lockett William Bub Lockett 85 ot Rt 3 Horse Cave died Tuesday at the INDEX TO TIMES CLASSIIED ADS NOTICES Mtec or Salo 109 Logala 1 Mlac Wanted 104 YardSaloa 2 Sowing 103 Birthday Wishoa 3 Swimming Pool 100 Loet ft ound 4 Boats ft Motors 100 Monuments 8 Entertainment 110 Card of Thanka 0 TV Radio Storoo 112 la Memory 10 Home urnishings 114 Personala Spec Notices 12 Sewing Machlnea 111 Nursing Homes Care 1 3 Lawn It Garden Supplies 1 1 9 lorists IS Wanted To Buy 121 RENTALS Carpet 23 Apartments IS Services Offered 125 Houses IS REAL ESTATE Mobile hom*os 20 hom*os or Salo 140 Sleeping Rooms 22 Mobile hom*os 142 Apts Unfurnished 25 Lots A Acreage 145 Apts urnished 27 Log hom*os 147 Wanted To Rent 29 Lako hom*os 151 Office Space 31 arms 153 Lots or Ront 33 Timberland 155 Rooms 35 Apts 157 Duplexes 37 Commercial Building 15S Storage Space 39 Real Estate Wanted 159 Motel A Hotel 41 Other Rental 42 AUTOMOTIVE EMPLOYMENT Cars ISO Babysitters Child Care 44 Trucks 162 Help Wanted 4S Trucks 4 wheel drive 164 Salespeople 48 Tires Whools 1SS Work Wanted $0 Motor hom*os 169 Temporary Work 54 Motorcycle 170 INANCIAL Auto Parts 172 Business Opportunities SO Auto Painting 174 Tax Preparation 62 Auto Service 176 Insurance 64 Trallora Campors 176 Money to Loan 66 Auto Repair ISO Money Wanted 68 MobUe Home Parts fc Ser 182 Real Estate Loans 70 Aircraft ft Equip 184 MISCELLANEOUS Vans 166 Antiques 80 Automobiles Wanted 169 Appliances 82 Wreckers 191 Beauty Shop 84 Car Washes 192 Vacation Suggestions 85 ARMERS MARKET Building Supplies 86 arm Equip or Sale 200 Vacuum Cleaners 88 arm Equip Wanted 201 Sporting Goods 90 Auctions 203 Musical Instruments 92 Breeding Stock 205 Pets 95 Livestock 207 Office Equipment Seeds eeds Etc 210 urniture 99 Heavy Equipment 212 uel ft Wood 101 arm Services 214 TIMES CLASSIIEDS 678 51 71 1 sL? Burford li nies Burford James 83 died Wednesday at the Homewood Health Care Center He is survived by one ha 1 1 brot er Gilbert James of Rt 1 Glasgow one niece Wilma Allen ol Rt 1 Park City and several cousins uneral services ill Ie 2 pm riday in the Memory Chapel of the A Crow and Son a verna Memorial Hospital He is survived by two brothers Ray and Paul Lockett ol Rt 3 Horse Cave one sister Dixie Neel ol Versailles one aunt lu i lie Law son and several nieces and nephew uneral services will he 1 pm riday at the Winn uneral Home ith burial in the Horse Cave Municipal Cemetery SCRTC Proudly Announces The SOUTH CENTRAL RTC COMPUTER SYSTEMS JAN 23 27 Visit Our Lobby Showroom SCRTC HEADQUARTERS HIGHWAY 90W GLASGOW REGISTER ORA HOME COMPUTER HM PLUS IS COMPUTER CLASSES AND SOTWARE Continuous Demonstrations Word Processing General Accounting inancial orecasting Data Base Management Games Homeware DRAWING TO HUD IR 1 144 Employees of SCRTC and Immediate amilies Not Eligible SwnCRiLWc HWY 9QW Glasgow 678 8298 ORDINANCE NO U14 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO 1605 AMENDING THE CITY GLASGOWS ANNUAL BUDGET OR ISCAL YEAR 7 1 83 THROUGH 6 30 84 BY ESTABLISHING A NEW UND CALLED KENTUCKY COM MUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT UND AND APPROPRIATING MONIES TO THE UND WHEREAS the City of Glasgow has received a grant from the Kentucky Community Development Block Grant Program to assist Concrete and Masonry Products of Glasgow Inc and WHEREAS the City of Glasgow has agreed to pay for the cost of the required audit associated with the gran NOW THEREORE BE IT HEREBY ORDAINED by the City of Glasgow SECTION That the annual budget for the fiscal year beginning 7 1 83 and ending 6 30 84 is hereby amended as follows a Establishing a new fund titled Kentucky Community Development Block Grant und Increase KCDBG und In tergovernmental Revenues by 1 15000 Decrease unap propriated General und Revenues by $500 and in crease KCDBG und other revenues by $500 Increase KCDBG und Economic Development ap propriations by $1 1 5 000 SECTION II That this ordinance shall be of effect upon date of publication Twyman Mayor City of Glasgow Ken tucky ATTEST: Les Settle City Clerk irst Reading: 1 9 84 Second Reading 1 23 84 ORDINANCE MO HU ORDINANCE DECLARING INTENTION CITY TO DE ANNEX TERRITORY BE IT HEREBY ORDAINED by the Glasgow City Council pursuant to Chapter 81A of the Kentucky Revised Statutes that the City of Glasgow Kentucky does hereby state its intention to de annex an undeveloped tract of approximately 40 acres described as Quarter Section District 6 of Section 8 of the City of Glasgow Quadrangle Map or a more accurate description of the property which the City in tends to de onnex referen ce is made to the map at tached and more particular description attached which mop and description are in corporated herein by reference This Ordinance upon final passage shall be published by the Glasgow City Clerk in accordance with Chapter 424 of the Kentucky Revised Statutess wymon Mayor City of Glasgow Ken tucky ATTEST: les Settle irst Reading: 12 1 2 83 Second Reading 1 9 84 LEGAL NOTICE The following described equipment will be sold at public auction on riday eb 10th at or about 10 a of red Smith Motor Co Columbia Ave Glasgow KY to settle the amount owed on secure note plus interest and storage bill A Gohl 100 Grinder mixer serial no 5014 approx 1990 model The seller reserves the right to bid I 2TC J2526 SALE Ceramic greenware 20 off Also some finished pieces Jan 26 30 31 only Phone 678 2869 for shop hours 2 MOVING SALE $50 Oak school desk $250 Weight bench and weights $40 King size water bed ex cellent condition S4Q0 Con tact Jimmy Morgan 651 5637 after 5 pm 2 Card of Thanks To the many friends neigh bors and relatives of the recently deceased Nola Curry Coffee The family would like to thank those who sent car ds food flowers and other expressions of sympathy One who has not been through the loss of a Mother or companion cannot know fiow much these seemingly small things mean to tne family A special thanks to the Don Butler family and to the Coomer family a Dennis Caffee A Children Personals Spec Notices NOW OHM Rib House 524 Happy Valley Rd Carry out barbeque 12 NOTICE I am no longer responsible for any debts other than my own Clive Emmert 12 ANYTHING SOLD ON CON SIGNMENT New or used clothes knick knacks large or small appliances fur niture etc 305 South Race beside Public Library Phone 651 3634 12 GROCERY DILLS TOO HIGHT Drive little and save alot ot Edmonton Save A Lot Hwy 68 80 Edmonton Open Mon Thurs 8 am 6 pm ri Sot 8 a 8 pm Sun day 1 6 12 INSTANT COLOft passport photos while you wait Lou Elhs Photography 651 8009 Glasgow 12 SAVE ON LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE SILLSY USING LOCAL LONG DISTANCE SERVICE Contact JACK PHILLIPS at 1Y82 8ME or B91 SM4 12 VIETNAM veteran married has hobby of writing Would love to write to anyone who takes Glasgow Daily Times for pen pals and friendship My name and address is A Cosh Box 461 Burkesville 42717 12 RIGSBY Hwy 90 East REE DELIVERY to funeral homes and hospital Phone 678 2743 12 MX AGERS CON VALISCENT AMBULANCE SERVICE Local and long distance Oxygen equipped EMT staffed We go anywhere anytime 1 116 Cleveland Ave Phone 651 8229 12 CLASSIIED 678 5171 Apartments OS MNT Clean private 4 room apartment with private bath in Park City Utilities paid by owner Ideal for per sons on limited income Call Louise at 781 1234 or 843 9495 collect 16 OR RENT APARTMENTS urnished efficiency electric heat Also unfurnished apart ment Call 651 3270 16 STONEHENGE APARTMEN TS Single story design with fenced patio private entran ce built in floor to ceiling bookcase color coordinated appliances washable Wall Tex on every wall and connections are a few of our features One bedroom $229 two bedrooms $309 Call Stonehenge 651 9433 16 OR RENT Heritage Heights Apts 1 and 2 bedroom fur nished or unfurnished Under new management Phone 651 2098 16 REGENCY PARK APTS Columbia Ave 651 6696 Art'i pting A i rat io or rldrrly huanl tqvel Movtlng Opportunity Houses 18 OR RENT Clean modern rooms apartments mobile homes 42 up Daily weekly or monthly STAR MOTEL 773 2983 41 Babysittars Ad Child Cara WILL keep children in my home north on 31 Phone 678 5281 44 WOULD like to babysit in rny home Responsible and ex perienced Call 678 6621 44 Hip dfi Wanted A GOLDEN OPPOR Parties Sell the largest line of gifts toys and home decor in party pion Openings for managers and dealers Earn high dealer rebate plus win free trips and cash Party plan experience helpful Car and phone necessary Call collect 518 489 8395 or 518 489 4429 46 TAKING appl ications part time help Rib House 524 Happy Valley Rd 46 WANTED Mature woman to live in our home and keep 2 small children and do housework Must have own transportation Phone 646 2505 46 Work Wanted WILL do sewing and alterations for men women and children Prom dresses a specialty Phone 651 5848 50 OR RENT Large 4 bedroom house $295 month 1 year lease References required Phone 651 3791 18 OR RENT 9 room house edge of city security deposit and references Phone 678 4278 18 WORK WANTED Ho norably discharged Vietnam veteran unemployed since 1970 has high school diploma college degree in communication I need a ob not welfare Someone out there please give me a tab I am in perfect health A Cash Bo 461 Burkesville KY 42717 50 OR RENT irst time offered brand new 3 bedroom brick ranch home Carpel throughout Glasgow and Cave City area Call 1 781 6990 18 Apta Unfurniahad 25 OR RENT Unfurnished apartment No children or pets allowed references required Call 651 3791 25 Apta urniahad OO MNT Warm cozy fur mshed apartment Utilities paid near conveniences rent reduced sober couple Phone 651 5960 651 9230 427 4249 27 OR RENT 1 bedroom fur nished apartment all utilities paid $195 month or $55 week Apply Hawkins Apt No 4 or phone 651 8698 27 OR RENT New 2 bedroom apartment in ort Myers Beach la on the bay boot dock Phone 651 3948 27 WILL do ousedeaning Phone 646 2381 50 Businaas A Opportunities BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN HORSE CAVE KY ESTABLISHED BUSINESS EXCELLENT LOCATION EXTRA NICE MODERN BUILDING or Complete Information Call 651 6414 OR MNT urnished apar tment adults only Deposit and references required Call 651 9051 27 Duplexes 37 OR RENT Unfurnished 2 bedroom duplex $175 month plus utilities No pets or children prefer working couple REferences Phone 651 6015 37 Storage 0 Space Ou OR RENT Private individual units $30 and $50 month Coll 651 3245 39 OR RENT Good dry storage space approximately 1 000 ft each space Near square Phone 65 1 6474 or 65 1 81 1 I 39 Motel 41 Hotel ni i OR RENT ice clean rooms $43 week free coble Senior Citizens welcome Phone Twin City Motel 773 2138 41 OLETA'S BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Accurate Confidential Prompt We Prepare Incnin Tai RtfNrnt Individuals Sr 'I 'nplod Complote Sookkooplnp iarvkaa Payroll Ta RphU Trpnj51 2453 105 Giprz'St Giasqo OR $ALE Guaranteed major 'household appliances We do guaranteed service work on all major brands Also buy mopr household appliances any condition KESSINGER APPLIANCE SER VICE 678 2511 82 OR $ALI Recondi boned appliances guaranteed Also new and used parts and service GOODENS AP PLIANCE 31 South Cave City Ky Phone 773 2262 82 flueri1 dr'' HOUSE OR SALE 4 Bedford Stone 3 bedroom large kitchen large both dining room living room and basem*nt Owner being transferred Owner financing available to qualified buyor Well located on Highway 90 25 minutes from town 3T egg Call 4M 3B17 111.

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