Insider tips for new NCL cruisers (2024)

I wrote the following for cruises I am on, it might be of interest to some of you. I haven't re-read it or changed some that don't possibly fit the but but "suck it and see!!"


Thoughts from an Ancient Mariner!!!

A number of thoughts gathered over the years and confirmed on recent cruises that many don’t know about.

I hope they help you enjoy the cruise.

1)I will be eating, on Embarkation Day, at lunchtime in the Main Dining Room.I hope it is open!!!Far better to be served lunch in a quiet place rather than in the crowded Buffet!!

2)Pointers for Latitude guests:- a) The free dinners can be used at ANY Specialty Restaurant, but remember you only get ONE bottle of wine.b)Remember to go to see the Future Cruise people on the first day for the free ship tour etc. c)You should get free water and chocolate strawberries the first evening.(If anyone wants our free water just ask)d) They have introduced new pins so make sure you get yours; including older ones too.

3)We eat dinner in a Specialty Restaurant on Embarkation Day as they are usually not crowded.On one cruise we ate in Teppanyaki and there were 4 there!!

4)When we eat in Cagney’s using any “free certificate” one thing on the menu is3Jumbo Shrimps with rabbit food and tomato sauce “poisoning”.If you are like me and like your shrimps “Au Natural” ask, like me, for6“On a Plate”.

5)Watch the menu in Le Bistro, they have LOTS of upcharges, even the “normal” fillet had an upcharge of $10, I think; I was forced to choose the duck!!!

6)I always have a good talk to our steward about what we would “like” and (s)he comes back later with just about everything we ask for.If there is something that you wouldlike, say bathrobes or an extra Freestyle Daily, rather than want, just ask and you might be lucky!!

7)A breakfast suggestion.The big pots of coffee they use can either be cold or strong when you come to have a third cup.If you intend to eat breakfast in the MDR ask for a personal pot when they have poured out your first one.

Insider tips for new NCL cruisers (1)Another dining suggestion; If you fancy items from different offerings on the menu, just ask.The servers are usually very good at getting what you want, BUT it might take a little while longer.

9)And another; my favourite; I love baked potato and will often ask for it instead of mashed or “flavoured”.You don’t always get the full lot of additions but there is always plenty of butter!!

10)A Vancouver hockey trick; which is where I learned it; if there is a large group waiting for a lift (after a show, for example) take the empty lift going in the WRONG direction!!!!Then you are first in going the right way!!

11)If you are rushing for a lift, two points.The bell tells you the direction; 1 up 2 down.If you are at the wrong side of a bank of lifts and one is there you want on the opposite side press buttons while going to “moving” lift

12)To use the slow Internet at the best times, try 5.30-7.00 am or in the early evening while people are at the first show or dinner.The other possibility is lunch time on a port day.

13)If you intend to use the same restaurant (MDR) for lunch on sea days or the same one (MDR) for dinner (no need to be the same for both) but you want a drink they don’t normally carry tell them that you will be there frequently and they MAY get it in for you and carry a stock that saves time getting it each day.I have this done with Strongbow, my cider of choice.

14)If you get to an MDR for dinner and it is busy, with a wait for a “two-top”, ask if there is a share option.

15)Please attend anything you commit to.At the free Latitudes wine tasting on a recent cruise there were only 6 people there out of 34 who were committed to attend!!It was not fair on the Future Cruise people who set it up nor the wine staff who carried out the “show”.

16)I hope the ship has had an upgrade so ALL your information is available on the room TV; a real improvement!!

Anoynmous Phoenix

Insider tips for new NCL cruisers (2024)


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