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1. Holsman Physical Therapy

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  • Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation P.C. provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy in Clifton, Cedar Grove, Caldwell, Bloomfield, Fair Lawn, Kearny, Paterson, Jersey City, Paterson, Rahway, New Jersey and New York City

2. Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation PC

  • We provide Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services as well as Speech Therapy. Holsman PT and Rehabilitation serves patients and clients throughout ...

  • Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a leading provider of physical therapy and occupational therapy including orthopaedic and geriatric rehabilitation and women's health throughout Passaic and Essex County New Jersey.

3. We provide Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants ...

4. Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Official Page

  • Let's work together to improve balance, strength, and coordination. Together, we can reduce the risk of falls and keep you enjoying life to the fullest! Don't ...

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5. Holsman Physical Therapy & Wellness P.C, Cedar Grove, NJ

6. Richard Holsman, PT, DPT, MAT | Choose PT

  • Practice Description: Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, specializes in the treatment of Adults & Seniors with musculo-skeletal, neurologic, ...

  • 20 years or more / Doctor of Physical Therapy

7. Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupationa…

  • Welcome to Holsman Physical Therapy! Learn more about our services by ... Meta. Log in · Entries RSS · Comments RSS · WordPress.org. Copyright © 2024 Holsman ...

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8. Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation - LinkedIn

  • Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | 54 followers on LinkedIn.

9. Home - Holsman Physical Therapy and Occupationa…

  • Our physical therapy facility in Jersey City is staffed with a highly skilled team of physical therapists, occupational, and speech therapists with advanced ...

Holsman Physical Therapy (2024)


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