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English |Find information about Bakken in English (1)

33 rides for all ages and levels of thrill seekers

Only 10 minutes drive north of Copenhagen you find the oldest amusem*nt park in the world. Located in the woods of Dyrehaven, Bakken is a unique amusem*nt park, which offers a historic and nostalgic venue combined with modern and fun amusem*nts and thrill rides.

The entrance is free!

You find a large variety of games, rides, restaurants, fastfood and ice cream stalls, and every day there is plenty of entertainment for children and adults alike.

The worlds oldest amusem*nt park

Founded in 1583, Bakken, or Dyrehavsbakken as it is officially named, has been a firm favorite with the people of Copenhagen for centuries. During summertime families, young couples and seniors alike flock to the amusem*nt park and the surrounding woodland to indulge in a day of fun.

With a unique position in the middle of one of Denmark’s most beautiful woods, it is like encountering a surprise in the middle of the greenery.

The park offers a prefect blend of children’s amusem*nts, restaurants, pubs and bars with entertainment and live music. It’s is not just a small children’s amusem*nt park but a place of leisure for the whole family. Because of its historic value and unique location, no big brands are allowed to set up stands at Bakken and neon signs are banned. Instead a jumble of colourful wooden structures, small independent shop owners and quirky stalls meets visitors.

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Bakken is open every day until end of summer!

See our opening hours here!

Buy your tickets today

For the kid (in all of us)

Many Danish families have been coming back to Bakken for generations. Bakken’s longest standing visitor is, however, Pjerrot. The well-known white-faced clown, who visits Bakken every day, has been a hit with the amusem*nt park’s youngest guests for more than 200 years. Still, the main attraction for most is the park’s many fun rides, including a wooden rollercoaster from 1932. In total, the park presents a choice of33 rides for all ages and levels of thrill seekers as well as 78 other attractions such as shooting stalls, gaming arcades and much more.

Grown-up fun

You will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours and fastfood shops. Though the popular, traditional Danish kitchen is still richly represented newer additions include Spanish tapas, fish and chips, noodles and much more. To finish off, guests can indulge in a sugary paradise of ice creams, colourful drinks and everything else needed to make a Danish summer day complete - come rain or sun.

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  • Free Entry
  • Wristband from 329 dkk
  • Fun Card 199 dkk

Wristbands, Fun Cards etc. are sold at the sales and information desks near the entrances.

Buy your tickets today

There is no entrance fee for Bakken. Everyone can come visit, take a stroll through the colourful and sprawling streets, enjoy the atmosphere and scenic natural surroundings. If you want to try the rides or games you have several options.


The most common and easiest way to access alltherides. The wristband forBakken (turbånd in Danish) can be bought at the information-booths out here or in advance through our webshop. Note that even if you buy them through our webshop you still need to pick them up physically at our information booths.

With a wristband you can hop on any of the 33 rides - all day. (max 10 times per ride).

A wristband is personal and cannot be shared.

Fun Card

The Fun Card (Humørkort in Danish) is a physical card which has 44 digital coupons in it. These coupons can be used as payment to access any of the rides AND the games at Bakken.

Every ride and game and Bakken has its own cost of coupons (from 4 to 10 coupons each). You can find an overview here (in Danish).

The Fun Card is NOT personal and can be shared. It might be the solution for you if you are planning to try out a few games and rides amongst the group.


All the rides and games can of course also be accessed by paying in cash. Many, but not all of them, take credit card as well.

Note that every ride and game has its own price.You can find a complete overview here (in Danish). Cash prices are reduced on wednesdays.

If you plan on trying several rides throughout your visit, particularly the bigger rides - a wristband will quickly become the most economic option.

English | Find information about Bakken in English (2024)


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