Founded 1902 Furness Rugby Union Football Club

The Strawberry Grounds

Croslands Park Road

Barrow in Furness

Cumbria, LA13 9NH

Tel:- 01229 825226


Furness “Crusaders”

"Unfortunately, Furness Crusaders have suspended their weekly Sunday morning sessions at our Club. This is due to dwindling attendance. Peter and I want to thank all those who stuck with us over the two years we ran the section, especially the young kids who we know enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. We made great friends with the parents and kids and we hope to see you all again in the future, especially the kids, who we hope will wear the Blue and White in the future.

We have not officially closed the section, just suspended it for now. We have plans for the future, which we hope will help us to start again. If anyone reading this has any ideas that would help to address this situation, please let us know. It just isn’t Furness Rugby that has this problem, but is indicative of the way many Clubs in our region find themselves.”

I would leave the email address and the photographs on the page.

Some Photographs from the training Session

20th November

(Courtesy of Furness Photographer Col Brannon)