If you have difficulty getting to the club to keep your Subscription up to date, or would find it easier to pay with your Debit/Credit Card., Then things are becoming easier for you, as we have now set up a Paypal system that allow you to pay with a PayPal account (If you have one) or with a standard plastic card, just click the “Subscribe” button below to go to the Subscriptions page.

The “Old” or  “Young” Farts Web page

  I am hoping that all of you “Old” or “Young” farts reading this will be encouraged to join in and maybe contribute something to create a little more interest on these pages, I have sent out to all of you who gave me your email address the first “Newsletter”, Clicking the menu will let anyone read it again. But I am sure there are a lot of you out there who could send me your works of art, whether it be old photos, or any written points of interest that you would like to spread out to all. Feel free to email them to me and I will see if they could appear on this web site, lets keep the interest of the club alive no matter what age you are.

 There have been quite a few requests from regular “Old farts” for their own dedicated polo shirts with the Old Farts logo on it. We decided to redesign it slightly so that it would be more recognisable as a “Furness” pole shirt.

You can see the slightly changed design with “Furness” added along with the club logo. The shirts are VERY generous in size and will cost £15 each. Contact your major Old Fart Roy Cullen if you want to test a shirt for size or order one


Saturday 4th November


              THANK YOU, Saturday was a great success with over 50 Old Farts turning out making over £500 from those who could make it & some very generous donations from some of those who couldn’t (you know who you are) It really was a day to remember, the meal provided by deli.sh (Sam Halpin) was well ‘delicious’ served up with a smile by John Mallinson & Steve Trainor the entertainment put on by the 1st Team was very entertaining, they turned a slow start into a brilliant win, I’m sure you will join me in saying A very great thanks to the creator/organiser of our Old Farts group Roy Cullen who behind the scenes does some tremendous work BUT saying that we thank YOU our very own OLD FARTS because without you events like this wouldn’t take place, Thanks again.



                                  Roy M Davies (Biff)