Match Reports

Saturday 15th December 2018

Furness 44 - 0 Aspatria Eagles

   The weather was about as bad as it could get when Furness kicked off against Aspatria in yesterday's league encounter. Despite being a man down the visitors started well however a much changed Furness side was soon into its stride when Joe Mallinson put Tom Brannon in for the first try of the day. Despite the worsening conditions both sides tried to play rugby although inevitably some very cold hands dropped the odd ball. Furness's second try soon arrived when captain Corne Els trundled over the line followed at regular intervals by six further tries from assorted members of the team.

   Unfortunately it was too dark to make out who the scorers were. As the half progressed and as the score racked up it was obvious that several players were starting to seriously suffer from the numbing effects of the wind and rain and as the referee blew for half time it was a race to reach the comparative warmth of the changing rooms.

    There were some very reluctant looking players who emerged a few minutes later for the start of the second half. No sooner had the referee blown his whistle to get proceedings underway than one of the Aspatria players fell to the ground having apparently collapsed. As he was helped from the pitch the referee decided that he’d seen enough and drew proceedings to a close.

   With Furness leading 44 - 0 there were no dissenting voices from either side. A difficult game to judge but Furness's rucking has come on in leaps and bounds and demonstrates that training does indeed pay dividends. Three weeks now before the next league game away to Creighton.

    Difficult to choose a man of the match however the clubhouse cognoscenti plumped for the old sea lion McQuistan who clearly revelled in the sub Arctic conditions. Unfortunately for McQuistan matters went steadily downhill from there and by 9pm he was barely coherent. According to his mate Deano there's nothing unusual in that and if a positive can be taken from his alcohol induced torpor its that at least he managed to avoid self harming.